Teacher Training Course

Teacher Training

  • Duration: One Year
  • Timings: 9 am to 2pm (Monday-Friday)

Importance of Teacher Training

Teacher Training in India is being given a lot of importance in recent years. India is one of the highly populated countries in the world with a constant demand for teachers particularly at the pre-school and the primary levels. India has a large number of public and private schools. Moreover, there are private pre-schools mushrooming in this country at a rapid pace. Hence the demand for qualified Montessori or Kindergarten teachers is quite high.

When you decide to be a teacher, you are entering a sacred portal. To be a professional entails not just sharing information but releasing that tremendous potential within a young, growing person to the fullest. Also it entails working on oneself.

About Butterfly Montessori Institute

At Butterfly Montessori Institute, we aim to go beyond the boundaries of "school learning" as is generally understood. We address the more fundamental questions of human growth and evolution.

In Butterfly Teacher Training Education Program there is an integration of theory with practical’s and practice teaching throughout the course. The program provides a theoretical background that is conveyed through regular courses, participatory seminars, readings followed by discussion etc. It adds training in practical work skills and work experience in a teaching-learning setting.


Even though Maria Montessori belonged to an era gone by (1870-1952), her principles are still prevalent in the present education system. The relevance of Maria Montessori’s philosophy cannot be denied in our current thinking, understanding and responses to teaching the young learners. She was indeed a unique individual- and maybe if she belonged to this era, the news media would have labelled her as someone who has the ability to think out of the box. A pioneer in enabling children learns through meaningful experience, she is an inspiration worldwide to what is popularly known as the "Montessori schools". The course takes a comprehensive view at the Montessori Method and philosophy with an overview of its relevance and application in today’s cyber age. The course takes an overall view of the philosophy and methodologies related to early childhood education world-wide and touch upon the psychology related to early childhood, before discussing in details the various aspects of the Montessori Method.

NTT - Nursery Teachers Training

Nursery teachers have a significant impact when it comes to encouraging the development and learning of young children. They play a defining role in delivering an appropriate experience for young learners who have varied learning needs. To develop the sensibilities a nursery teacher or an aspiring nursery teacher needs to be thoroughly trained to work with very young children because a nursery teacher helps in the smooth transition between home and play school by providing love and care and at the same time maintaining the natural rhythm of the young children. To become a nursery teacher one has to be sensitive to a child’s needs and cultivate patience. She must possess a pleasing personality and her manners have to be child friendly. Unfolding of a young child begins in a nursery and all they need are the care and nurture from trained nursery teachers who assume a very important role in facilitating growth and learning of a child.

Course Details

One year Job oriented Diploma course in Child education Regular and Correspondence

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